The Ladies


Always on the road to geekdom, I grew up on Star Trek and attended my first X-Files convention at the age of 11. Since then I’ve been an unrepentant fan of science fiction, supernatural things, and video games starring Italian plumbers. I’m a voracious reader, manic traveler, terrible cook, excellent baker, television addict, and happy drunk.

Addictions: Vampires, YA literature, crazy random happenstances, NPR, Dr Horrible, Harry Dresden, October Daye, Douglas Adams, trivia games, board games of all sorts, Ghostbusters, The Last Airbender, The Hunger Games, dsytopian worlds, zombies, wizards, humor, parodies, mystery novels, Legos, American history, Yuu Watase, Arina Tanemura, Shark Week, The Gentleman Bastard series,  Harry Potter, Cowboy Bebop, Being Human (UK), attempting to knit, and gluing beer caps to things and calling it art.

Vices: Vodka. The Sims. Rum-based cocktails. Good Beer. Putting cheese on everything.

If I Got Superpowers, I’d Be: a well-intentioned and probably mostly incompetent super villain. The kind who’s always making deals with the heroes and even saves their asses once in a while.

Weapon of Choice in the Zombiepocalypse: A small, efficient automatic weapon with plenty of ammo.


Claire ( @shadowsidhe ) ( GoodReads )
Personal Site:


I’m an intermittent writer, amateur web designer, spiritual vagabond and proud kitchen overlord. But you can call me Claire. I read books to the extent that I recently ran out of bookshelves to house them. My literary interests run the gamut, from classics right the way through to fantasy & YA literature. I also play an online MMORPG (not World of Warcraft), sometimes enjoy rounds of getting thrashed on the Wii and Xbox and attend concerts. My music tastes are eclectic, and my iPod has been known to flick between Vivaldi and Metallica when on shuffle.

Addictions of Choice: Fantasy, steampunk, all things Victorian, any books containing dragons, history, Mythbusters, Tolkien, Harry Dresden, The Gentlemen Bastards (Tori’s fault),  food, concerts, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Temeraire, Anne & Todd McCaffrey’s Dragon series, David & Leigh Eddings, paranormal romance, old-school Marvel comics, history, YA literature, films, Photoshop, and interesting love stories.

Vices: Most types of cider, omelettes, cocktails, spending far too much money on music and audiobooks.

If I Got Superpowers, I’d Be: Gambit from the X-Men, hands down. And it is not because I like to blow things up (often). Don’t judge me!

Weapon of Choice in the Zombiepocalypse: Flamethrower. Need I say more?



When I’m not reading, writing, or thinking about history, I’m most comfortable in front of a classroom, telling silly jokes and taking students out of their comfort zone. I enjoy the challenges that come with teaching history, mainly the belief that it’s boring and irrelevant. History is anything but.

Addictions: History, photography, atheism, feminism, environmentalism, pedagogy, comedy/comedians

Vices: Are we talking medieval torture instruments here? Yeah, vices are scary.

If I Got Superpowers, I’d Be: able to talk to animals and insects. We totally underestimate and take for them granted.

Weapon of Choice in the Zombiepocalypse: A baseball bat for two reasons: (1) guns run out of bullets; (2) I love baseball and softball. (Credit and thanks to Bill O. for the idea.)



Born and raised in the middle of the woods, I turned to the internet during my youth as my primary source of entertainment. This fondness for all things interweb spawned an impressive array of esoteric hobbies that would make the nerdiest of nerds blush.

I am currently a student at the University of Washington studying molecular biology and dance. I’ve spent the last two years working in a cognitive neuroscience lab and am soon expanding my scientific horizons into research involving non-humans. I promise to bore our readers with too-detailed accounts of random science crap only I care about. Oh, and did I mention I dance?

Addictions: neuroscience, psychology, genetics, skepticism, science, Lindy hop, Charleston, early jazz, accordion music, all things French, dance, burlesque, alternative feminism, hair, alternative and vintage fashion, metroids, video games, foreign food

Vices: Baguettes, crepes, kittens (but not for eating), bunnies (also not for eating), vintage shoes and dresses, hugs

If I Got Superpowers, I’d Be: Probably exactly the same as I am now except with a much cleaner house.

Weapon of Choice in the Zombiepocalypse: Science.


Alex ( @crazyloststar ) ( GoodReads )
Personal Site:

I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors as my morning cartoons. After finishing college and quitting ballet (no really), I settled into one job and I had time to actually geek out about a lot of things, and the world suddenly became much brighter. I always have at least one video game, book, anime/manga, and cosplay that I am engulfed in, and I am currently working on a book. I sometimes debate if sleep is necessary. Only sometimes though.

Addictions : Bromance, m/m fantasy novels, Assassin’s Creed, X-Men:First Class, men with accents, Supernatural, RPGs, angsty anime, killing myself cosplaying, and angst. so. much. angst. And chapstick.

Vices: A good glass of Syrah, post-it notes, notebooks, awesome pens, and gluten-free red velvet cupcakes.

If I Had Super Powers I’d Be: Able to fly. That’s all I really want. Maybe I could be a flying ninja, so I could also kick ass. But really I just want to fly.

Weapon of Choice in a Zombiepocalypse: A unicorn.



There are some who call me…Tim. Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m Anji, and while I put homemade bread on the table (kneaded by my KitchenAid stand mixer, of course) with my primary job working for a Big Corporation, my passions lie in cooking, baking, drinking, reading, and history. My nose has been stuck rather permanently in one book or another ever since I taught myself to read Angelina Ballerina at age three, and I’ve never seen fit to change anything about that. As my goal one day is to face off against—and beat—Ken Jennings, I know a lot of obscure trivia. It’s fun to be me!

Addictions of Choice: True Blood, the Booth family, the American Civil War, medieval and Renaissance Europe,  cooking good food, the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, the Golden Age of Hollywood, Generation Kill (both the book and the HBO miniseries), classic rock, loose-leaf gourmet tea, Monty Python, general military history, ancient myths, the Harry Potter series, Oscar Wilde, The Dresden Files series, famous shipwrecks, and Anne Rice’s books before she went crazy.

Favorite Vice: A gin martini with two olives and a cocktail onion—stirred, not shaken; a well-made Manhattan in a pretty glass; the farmer’s market in summer; cheese of any variety.

If You Got Superpowers, You’d Be: Batman. I know he doesn’t have any superpowers, per se, but he’s still my favorite superhero anyway. Mostly, I think I just want the cool utility belt. And Barbara Gordon.

Weapon of Choice in the Zombiepocalypse:  A fortified bunker stocked with enough food, water, alcohol, and books to get me through it. Because I am deathly afraid of zombies and would rather just hide until it’s all over.


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