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Madoka Magica – Actually Not Cute, Just Really Effed Up

I know what you must be thinking.

“But Alex, these girls look so cute and adorable! This is obviously just a fun show about magical girls with some potentially tough stories but in the end everything is great! They even have a sidekick cat!”

I’m sorry, dear internets, but you would be mistaken. Terribly. Mistaken.  Also? That ‘cat’ is an asshole.

As I mentioned in my First Impressions post, I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this anime. The first episode had my eye twitching, had me worried that this was just not going to be my kind of thing. Fortune Cookie from Defective Geeks stressed to me that I had to watch it to at least episode three. So I did.

And episode three is where everything changes. I actually gasped, and wrote the words holy shit holy shit  in my notes as I watched. And then sat there with my jaw on the floor.

And then watched the next episode. And the next.

From that point on, things are just…a mess. Really, terribly, a heartbreaking mess. Every episode is just full of terrible things happening to the group of girls, specifically to Madoka. As the overall plot of the story unfolded, and the stories of each girl were revealed, I just felt worse and worse for them, thinking WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG.

Look, what I’m saying is, I’m a rabid Fullmetal Alchemist fangirl, and the Elric brothers weren’t put through as much of a shitty time as these girls were.

And really, I do think that this is what kept me watching. I felt bad for these characters. They weren’t just magical girls prancing around and clumsily fighting off bad guys. Their stories were all tragic. Why they were magical girls was tragic. What inevitably happened to them was tragic. I was intrigued that the story was nothing like what I imagined, and ya, a part of me felt bad for judging the show just on the character art.

This anime is sad, but also kept my interest, and I would actually recommend it. Who saw that one coming? Certainly not me.


Tiger & Bunny – Done!

Oh, Tiger & Bunny.

I was with you until the end. You went places that I was actually going to with you, but then you pulled out at the last minute. You chickened out.  I really wish you had stuck to your giant mecha guns and been okay with . . .

Well, maybe you should read the rest of my review, as I talk about the last half of Tiger & Bunny.




Anime Review: Romeo & Juliet

I started watching this show because the art was gorgeous – which is sometimes the first thing that gets my attention. After seeing the art, I thought it would be fun to cosplay – so of course I had to watch it. Also, I do admit to enjoying the play. I was in theater in high school and some of college, what can I say.Since this is anime, of course the story gets a bit crazy and spins off the original play, otherwise this wouldn’t be very original. There are dragon steeds [like a pegasus but with the tail of a dragon] and the entire city of Neo-Verona [which is floating btw] is held together by some sort of magic that requires the blood of Capulet women to survive.

Of course it does.

I watched this dubbed on Hulu, and at first I thought it might be a bit too over the top for me, with the crazy mystical changes and whatnot. Overall, I pretty much tried to just jump in and go with the flow of the show, despite some of the bizarre ideas that they used. I did like that Juliet was a strong young woman who didn’t stand idly by, but stood up against the monarchy that was destroying her city. Romeo was also a strong character, very caring and giving compared to his father, and together the two of them went through a lot during the show just to ensure the people of Neo-Verona could have a better life. Also a nice touch was that the characters spoke with a Shakespearean flair that I enjoyed.

Read more for some slightly spoilery chat!