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Anji’s List of Listy Nerdy Things

Also known as, “Dude, do you ever go outside, because clearly you have way too much time on your hands?”

Today my post is of the list-y type, because A) I am a nerd who loves lists and B) y’all are probably sick of my book reviews right now. Also, Tori said it was okay. These are the things that occupy my thoughts:


The offending optics. Curse your smudge-prone anti-glare coating! Curse it, I say!

  • How come when I’m wearing glasses and I turn my head away from the computer screen to sneeze, I still get sneeze droplets all over the outside of my glasses anyway?
  • And seriously, how do they get so $%#^-ing dirty when I never touch the damn things? I put them on and everything’s relatively clear for five minutes, and then all of a sudden it’s like some sticky-fingered toddler has used them for a chew toy.
  • Am I the only person who prefers Lady Sybil to Lady Mary? Mary is just so tediously like every single heroine in bad historical fiction, and her eyebrows are weird. Whereas Sybil is just so quietly, sweetly rebellious and infinitely more interesting.
  • Speaking of Downton Abbey, does anyone actually care about Mary and Matthew? God, they’re so tedious. I want them to move to Antarctica already and get off my show.
  • I really like putting my headphones on while I’m riding the Metro to work and pretending that I’m in a pretentious indie film with a suitably indie soundtrack, staring sadly out the window as the train rattles its way along the Red Line and my music plays over the whole scene.
  • Of course, I ruin this every single time by listening to Jay-Z or music from Glee. Why? Because it’s hilarious. Suck it, Zach Braff!
  • Can I hear it from all the other people who refresh tracking information for their various packages twenty times a day? I don’t know why I do this, except that perhaps the part of me which is still five years old thinks that it’ll make my delivery come faster.
  • My favorite joke is this: “What do you call it when you throw a stick of dynamite into a French kitchen?” “Linoleum Blown-Apart!”
  • Yeah, I know. But I still laugh uncontrollably every time I tell it.
  • I can recite the alphabet backwards and have every hope of beating any sobriety test imposed on me by a cop. (Or, more accurately, my mother on a Saturday night around 11:18 PM.) Thank you, Sister Bernadette, for making me learn it in 2nd grade! Catholic school nuns: aiding and abetting drunken karaoke since 1992.
  • It’s not wrong that I own two Snuggies. I’m not asking anyone if it is. I’m saying definitively that it’s not.
  • One is pink and one is blue. They go with everything. Especially for working on my night cheese.
  • John and Sherlock are doing it, right? [Tori says: “No, but Seanan McGuire just confirmed Tybalt is bisexual so do with that as you will, slash fans.”]



2011: The Year of The Faerie – A Retrospective Extrodinaire

I ❤ Silly Hats & Champagne. And my Surly Geek Girl Necklace 😀

FIRST! Some acknowledgements: 2011 was the year this blog started. It began because my friend Jon and I had a conversation during which I realized the best way to be a part of an awesome Geek Girl Blog was to create one. I’m a huge geek. And I have lots of lady friends who are also geeks. Thus, Chicks With Crossbows was born. I need to say a sincere and awesome thank you to people who’ve made this blog possible through their support and friendship:

Defective Geeks, which is the most rocking geek lady blog around. They’ve existed for five years! And they’ve been nothing but awesome to us. Thanks, ladies! Glass of Win, where my friend and globe-trodding geek girl Rachael talks about food, geekdom, and takes gorgeous food porn photos. We met at a con and were able to reunite in person for another con this year. Which leads me to Geek Girl Con. Who rekindled my love of conventions and celebrated lady geeks in all forms. It was a rocking time and I look forward to next year.

And of course, there are the lovely ladies who work on this blog: Autumn, Claire, Anji, and Alex, and Janiene who will contribute in the future. You are all awesome and someday I will make you all tee shirts and bake you cupcakes. (If you want to contribute, go here.)

I Read a Metric Ton of Faerie Books This Year:

Long live the faeries! From faerie romance (Wings) to faerie dystopias (Bones of Faerie) to faerie detectives (October Daye), there are a ton and I loved them all.

Faerie novels also led to my biggest squeeful fangirling moments: Tamani of the Wings series is the handsome smoldering green-eyed faerie boy. And then there’s Tybalt from the October Daye books. How do I describe Tybalt? He’s like walking sexuality in leather pants with a snarky attitude. Team Tybalt, for the win.  Someone get me a tee shirt. And possibly a life-sized cut out.

I Went to a Lot of Cons – Here Are My Favorite Panels: 

Are Faeries the New Vampires?Copper Con – With Faerie Experts David Lee Summers, Janni Lee Simner, and Aprilynne Pike.

Young Adult Authors Geek Girl Con – With Hope Larson, Nancy Holder, Scott Westerfeld, and Phoebe Kitanidis

Steampunk!Geek Girl Con – With Claire Hummel, Belle Holder, Erica Johnson, and author Cherie Priest (who liked my clock socks).

Playing God: Apocalyptic Storytelling – OryCon – Victoria Blake, author Daniel H. Wilson, and author E.E. Knight

(I just realized I still haven’t written up the Nerd Burlesque panel from Geek Girl Con, or that would have made the list too. Darn it. For shame, me!)

My Favorite Post of the Year By Me: 4 Obvious Things I Always Forget About Travel

Things By Amazing Ladies I Discovered This Year:

Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series. Best zombie series in the world, if you ask me. Witty, funny, smart, amazing world building, with genre-savvy characters set in the not too distant future, where news comes from blogs and zombies are a constant danger.

Feminist Frequency – a video blog that discusses and breaks down examples of tropes that affect women in media. Entertaining, educational, and awesome.

My Drunk Kitchen – Hannah Hart is hilarious, drunk and sober, as she drunkenly tackles recipes and cooking goals.

Amy Roth and her Surly Ceramic Jewelry. Bought so many of these my wallet wept and still want more.

SkepChick – Critical thinking lady skeptics who love science, reason, and facts.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of awesome things. I hope you all have a happy, fun, and safe New Year’s Eve, and I’ll see you in 2012.

4 Obvious Things I Always Forget About Travel

In my younger 20s, I was a workaholic go-getter who had 3 jobs at once (including unpaid internships), sometimes while I was also in school. I thought if I busted my ass, I would be like famous and rich and awesome by 30 and could slow down. But reality is a bitch and I got jaded and then I got wiser. That’s another article.

The point is, now I take vacations. A lot of them. As many as I can reasonably afford and some I probably can’t. It averages out to about two or three short trips a year, usually by airplane. And yet somehow, every time, there are things I completely forget, as if my brain is trying to protect to me from anything negative so I don’t say “fuck it” and spend a week at home in my swimsuit mixing up margaritas and watching re-runs of America’s Next Top Model.

4. Check In is Late and Check Out is Early

Sometimes on shorter trips, I’ll get this wild idea to book my departure for late evening. That way, I naively think, I can spend practically a whole other day exploring and hanging out. Genius, right? Yeah, you seasoned travelers are laughing at me. Because sure, you have time to spend, but you also have to lug around all of your luggage.

Shakespeare invented the word ‘luggage.’ Pretty obvious, when you think about it.

Image: winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Check out at the hotel is inevitably 11 am or 12 pm, and often late check out isn’t available. Even when it is, or even if your hotel will happily store your luggage, it still means an extra trip back to the hotel before hitting the train station, which means you can’t go far. Of course you can’t go far hauling a giant suitcase and wearing a hiking backpack either.

Check in is the same way, except you’ll have to get back to hotel eventually. But it does still limit how far you want to go, since you’ll want to go back and settle into your room, and by the time that’s done, a whole day is pretty much blown.

3. Speaking of Luggage, Souvenirs Take Up Space

My roommate and I usually travel together. We bring one large suitcase that we share and pay to check, and a carry-on backpack each. It’s plenty of room to bring our clothes, as well as alternative shoes, toiletries, etc. By the time we head out the door of our apartment, the bag is packed so full I’m always afraid the zipper will bust and all of our stuff will end up strewn across the tarmac, but it never does. And voilà, we have all of the things we need and extra socks.

Which is well and good until I hit the gift shops and museum stores and souvenir stands. I collect shot glasses, love awesome tee shirts, and always find things I can’t live without. And somehow we always end up at the bar that gives away souvenir glasses or martini shakers.

It isn’t until the final day when I’m trying to shove everything back together that I remember souvenirs are made of matter and need to occupy space I don’t have.

I've never once used this glass since I got it home, but it is too awesome not to keep.

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