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Sorry for the Silence (Yes, We’re Alive)

Hey guys!

I know it’s been quiet this month around these parts. There are several reasons for the sudden unplanned hiatus (personal things, including day job issues for me, the holidays, NaNoWrimo, etc.) I just want to apologize for the quiet. We are still alive and we will return soon with some awesome, amazing blog posts.

Thanks so much for your patience.

Locke says sorry.


First Year Blogoversary!

I still fail at graphics.

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since we kicked things off here at Chicks With Crossbows. Technically the anniversary falls on Tuesday, but who celebrates on a Tuesday?

It’s been an awesome ride so far and I look forward to more years of blogging with these lovely ladies, going to cons and book events, and generally being nerds.

It’s sort of fitting that the blog kicked off with a book review of Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse. We are not a book blog and I don’t think we’ll ever be exclusively book related, but we do have a lot of book-related content. This is because most of us are book nerds. Claire, Alex, and I are also fiction writers, so our love of books is just inherent. And Anji loves to read. Autumn reads a lot too, but she’s busy doing science in basements a lot of the time. Even at conventions, I tend to gravitate toward the author and book panels. And I love going to author events because it’s fun to meet other book geeks and fans and listen to authors speak.

I could blather on about what I’ve learned in a year of group blogging (probably quite a bit) or running around cons and trying to recap panels (iPad helps, it’s best to ask to take a photo before it starts to get a good shot, and most panelists are enthusiastic nerds themsevles). But instead, I just wanted to offer up a thank you.

Thank you to the ladies who spend precious hours of their own free time writing pieces for this blog. It’s a labor of love and it’s awesome and I enjoy reading every single piece.

Thank you to everyone who’s visited. Everyone who’s liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, and shared our content. Thanks to everyone who’s linked to the blog and everyone who’s messaged me to say “Chicks With Crossbows” is an awesome blog title.

We hope to continue this blog for years to come. Meanwhile, in two weeks, Autumn and I will be running around Geek Girl Con in Seattle. If you can get there, it should be an absolute blast, and I hope to meet a lot of fellow nerds (ladies and otherwise).

Thanks! Peace 🙂

Housekeeping Plus Cats in Costumes

I know the blog’s been quiet lately but we’re still around. It’s been a hectic week. Some of us have gone back to school, others are just working too many hours to form a coherent thought in their free time beyond “What cocktail will make it all better?” (I have healthy coping issues, clearly.) Don’t worry, this is a temporary lull. Normal posting will resume soon. I’m sure it was keeping you awake at night.

I was going to attempt another Geek Girl Con panel recap (I still have photos and notes of like 5) or a book review (I finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s Dsytopian Friday post). But today was a nine hour day in a week of nine hour days that felt like they would never end and my brain feels more like oatmeal than something with neurons and synapses.

So instead, here are photos of my cats dressed up last year for Halloween. I am a bad cat mommy (shut up, it’s been a long day) and didn’t get them costumes this year, but then I haven’t gotten one for myself either. We’ll probably spend the weekend camped on the couch watching whatever Halloween programming the History and Sci-Fi channels decide to marathon. Except Ghost Hunters. Because screw that noise.

Locke Lamora. He was too small for the jester hat. He's grown.

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Gone to Geek Girl Con

Hey everyone. We’re having a blast at the first ever annual Geek Girl Con here in Seattle. Autumn and I are taking copious notes and lots of photos in order to share our experiences with you, the people of the internet who could not make it this year. Don’t worry, there will be a next year.

Meanwhile, Rachael of Glass of Win is staying at my place and introduced to me to her friend, Liz. Liz is awesome. She’s working to cure cancer with science, which is just bad ass. She wore an R2D2 knit hat to the con, which has been shared all over the internet. So now her hat is famous. But the lady wearing it is pretty stellar too.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the Space Pirate Queen from Defective Geeks, and she gave me a Lady Geek button. This con is rocking, y’all. Mark your calendars for next year.

(PS: This is blog post #42. What an appropriate weekend for it.)