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Photos: That Time I Rode In a Helicopter in the Place Jurassic Park Was Filmed

Dinosaurs appear fifth on my list of fears. (The first four are spiders, bees, expired dairy products, and leaving crock pots turned on when no one is home.) I realize that the odds of facing this fear are minimal. I’ve always been obsessed with dinosaurs, even though they traumatized me at the age of five. See, my mom had bought me a an educational VHS tape (see how OLD I AM?) with two whacky science guys (one whose name was Gary, and I don’t remember his full name or the title). In it, they teach about dinosaurs, fossils, and plants. And at the end of the video, the T-Rex ends up stalking Gary’s house. He opens the door to run into the basement and remembers has no basement, and the dinosaur eats him.

I remember running upstairs to hide under our poor table because that way I was blocked from view of the windows by any dinosaurs that happened to be passing by. Needless to say, when I discovered Jurassic Park–both the book and the movie–I became obsessed. It brings back my old chronic dinosaur nightmares but I’m getting good at dream-fighting raptors and I watch it at least four times a year anyhow, even the crappy sequels.

So for my birthday, my best friend and fellow nerd Ben decided the best present ever would be to take me on a helicopter ride like the one in Jurassic Park, over the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. It was amazing. We even got to land on a ridge where they filmed the Fence Scene (you know the one). And I didn’t puke! I didn’t even get really nauseated until the last fifteen minutes, and then I have never been so happy to set foot on solid ground. We went with Safari Tours in Lihue, and if you’re on Kauai, I highly recommend them. Our pilot was awesome, loves his job, and our guide was funny and friendly. They aren’t paying me to say that, either. Awesome experience and if I were ever going to go again, I’d go with them.

It was amazing and here are some photos:

Obviously this post is crazy photo-heavy, just so you’re warned.

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Travel: Volcano National Park on The Big Island of Hawai’i

This week I turned 30, and I did it the only way I deemed acceptable: on a Hawaiian island with a strong margarita in my hand and a Jimmy Buffett soundtrack. I’m going to level with you: I’m a recovering goth who doesn’t care much for the sun, tanning, or even beaches. But I still love Hawai’i, because it’s awesome. So I spent most of this trip riding in helicopters* and looking at rocks. Because as a wise man once said, science rules.

On Monday, we took a guided volcano tour to the Kilauea Caldera.

It's not vacation without dorky self-taken photos. This is me and my friend Ben. He's a nerd too.

PRETTY ROCKS. Seriously, though, some of the cooled lava is gorgeous. If it weren't bad luck to piss off Pele, I'd be lugging a suitcase home of this stuff.

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