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Yo Ho Ho – Pirate-ize Your Glassware

The Goth in me LOVES stores at Halloween time.

Grocery shopping with me is a lot like grocery shopping with a little kid. I’ve been known to buy oatmeal because of a Disney-Pixar tie-in on the box even when I don’t care for the flavor. I am the sort of person who goes “ooh shiny,” or “ooh neat,” and has to have something thanks to pretty packaging. In other words, I’m an advertiser’s dream come true.

Today, I stumbled across Glassware Bling. I tend to shy away from anything that can be called bling in any way, shape, or form unless it’s a jean jacket with a unicorn bedazzled on the back. (I am a child of the 80s. Seriously.) Still, this isn’t shiny gem-like bling. THIS IS PIRATE BLING.

I mean… who doesn’t want to drink out of a jolly roger glass? No one you want to know, that’s who! You can put them on any glass, or probably a mirror or whatever you feel like. And then they wash off in warm water. So you can decorate glasses for your Pirates of the Caribbean marathon and your roommate won’t kill you for “destroying” his glassware (the humorless scalawag*).

You’re not obligated to drink rum from any glass it’s put on but you probably should just to keep things kosher. It looks pretty awesome once it’s applied, although I put it on crooked:

Arr, matey!

It comes with 6 in a package, which is enough for a small party. Or one for almost every day of the week. Whichever.

*Not my roommate. He’s awesome. This is his glass!



Alien Spaceship Ice Cube Trays

I grew up on Star Trek and The X-Files. At the age of 12, I started a club called the “Basement Bureau,” the purpose of which was to track down and investigate supernatural and paranormal activity. We advertised to the people in our neighborhood. We didn’t get many cases.

Every year after school let out (until I graduated high school!), I hosted a BBQ and camp-out in the meadow behind my house. My friends and I would stay up all night and watch the skies for signs of UFOs. I was kind of a dork. Not much has changed.

So when my roommate and I came across this at the local grocery store, we had to have it:

Even knowing it would never look that cool in a real glass.

It’s still cool as hell. (Excuse the pun.) But then, I’m easily amused. Look, little alien spaceships made out of ice!

Best cocktail party favor ever... if anyone notices before they melt.

Sadly the tray is small and only makes 4 Spaceships and then a bunch of space rocks. Still… awesome.