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5 Classics Repackaged For Kids Today

A while ago, the internet erupted like a volcano when new Twilight-themed covers were put on the classic novel Wuthering Heights. This is because it’s the one book Bella has actually read, despite supposedly being an avid reader. I thought it was a stroke of marketing genius. I mean, check it out:

It even says “Love Never Dies.” It’s totally trying to cash in on the vampire mania with a book that has nothing to do with vampires. People were amused, outraged, and just amazed that publishers would do it. I thought, why stop there? So I’ve repackage five classic novels to grab attention on the shelves, just in time for the holiday season.

Packaged to appeal to: fans of Transformers
Why it works: Hey, it’s about a guy who turns into a bug. It’s practically the original Transformer, right?

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Nerd Confession of the Week

I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan for a long time. Not from the exact beginning–I believe Prisoner of Azkaban had just come out in hardback–but it’s been a while.

This is the wall next to my desk. I bought these action figures when the first movie came out back in 2001:

That's Quidditch Harry, Ron, and Malfoy. Hermione was sold out and I never managed to get one.

Here’s my confession: I have not seen either part of the Deathly Hallows films. Not 7.1, for which there is no excuse, nor 7.2. I blame my aversion to crowded theaters on opening weekends, but that’s filmsy. The first has been out for long enough that I should have seen it on DVD if nothing else, and the second, well, no matinee is going to be that crowded now.

I know, I know. I feel like I need to give back my Slytherin House scarf and maybe write “Dumbledore is my co-pilot” a hundred times on notebook paper in fandom penance.