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What I Managed To See At Comic-Con [Part 1]

I had the opportunity to go to Comic-Con this year, though it was for my day job. Due to this, I wasn’t able to see a whole lot, but I wanted to share with you what experiences I could. Unfortunately I must keep my day job top secret [I feel like a superhero, that’s kind of on topic, right?], but here is what I can show you!

This post is brought to you by the amazing collage function in Picasa so it isn’t a million pages long. o/

First, one of the most amazing things about Comic-Con is how it takes over all of downtown like some sort of creep [ten points if you get the reference].


I did manage to run into some cool people while I was running around on the floor! I may have super fangirl freaked out when I met Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. I also got to briefly say hello to Marie Lu as she was leaving her signing! I blame work for keeping me away! DX

”]And then of course there was all the awesome stuff in the exhibit hall. I want all the Mass Effect statues in existence, especially the one of Garrus. Also, the X-Men display made me want to cry.


There were also cosplayers, though not as many as I thought I would see. Though I bet that many of them stayed out of the exhibit hall, because it’s so crazy in there. Also, I’m possibly lame and was at times too tired to register that there were people in costume around me.

Can you spot Fortune Cookie from Defective Geeks? 8D

And then of course, the swag! I had to avoid a lot of the random free stuff because I was mostly always running around working, but I still managed to come away with some cool stuff.


Some items of note:

  • Signed copy of The Armory Wars by Claudio Sanchez
  • The first three volumes of a comic on the Trojan War signed by the writer/artist  [DONT LAUGH history is cool guys]
  • A signed copy of Legend
  • A signed copy of an issue of Arsenic Lullaby, which has humor that is not for the light of heart at all

Stay tuned for my post titled “How Much of a Supernatural Fangirl I Am.” XD


My Small But Sweet Jet City Comic Show Gallery

This was my first year attending the Jet City Comic Show here in Seattle, and I’m glad I went, even though I ended up spending too much money on comics. That shouldn’t be surprising since the small, one-day con is basically a giant dealer’s room. (On the plus side, I have new comics to read!) There weren’t many panels but I walked around a few dozen times, bought some great art, spoke to some artists and writers, and generally had a good time. I also took pictures!

I felt like I took a billion and a half photos but it turns out I only took a meager 27. What? How did that happen when I felt like I was snapping away constantly? I have no idea. Anyhow, if you were there, you might be in a photo. If not, you can see what it looks like.

Ladies holding down the fort at the Geek Girl Con Booth.

The rest of the photos can be found in here.