We’re always looking to expand our geek horizons. Do you have something we should blog about? Got a book, youtube series, movie, blog, product, project you think needs more attention? We’d be happy to take a look!

Review Copies

We accept review copies of books and other media both in digital and physical formats (e-mail for a physical mailing address). We strive to post often and cover as much as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee or schedule a review simply because you send us a review copy. But if you make the effort and send us a book, we’ll do our best and we’ll put it on the priority pile.

We read lots of young adult novels, as well as urban fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction, but between all of the ladies, we’ll read just about anything.

Blog Tours!

We’d be more than happy to host a blog tour by any author who’d like to bring their tour over to us. To set it up, contact Tori at

Event Coverage

Have a nerdtastic gala or event you want us to cover? We’d be happy to! We’re scattered all over the US and England, though we’re more concentrated in the Seattle area.

To send us tips, review copies, suggestions, and links, e-mail



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